As a department where efficiency is paramount, Media carefully examines each client dollar...then, expertly stretches it.

Consistently recognized as one of the top media departments in the state of Florida, Tully-Menard's Media Department brushes accolades aside, preferring to be measured by the hard realities of effectiveness.

What's our edge? We simply manage media and its myriad parts better. From planning...negotiation...placement...traffic to post-buy analysis, our media department performs each function with superior skill. Then we go the next step - coordinating the entire process so that each function...every part...fits, becoming a finely managed utility.

We realize that out-managing can be just as effective as out-moneying.

One of the ways we out-manage is through our use of one of the most advanced, computerized in-house media management systems in the country. It helps us make sure your message fits the medium, and the medium fits your audience.

Want to know when to to out-manage or out-money the competition? Our Media Department has some very fitting answers.